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Stress Coaching

About Stress Coaching

Everyone feels stressed occasionally, but if your symptoms occur daily and affect your routine, consider stress coaching. At The Family Wellness Center in Plainview, New York, experienced chiropractor Michael Berlin, DC, and the team provide stress coaching to adults and children. The program combines a unique and proprietary Transformational coaching process with nutritional supplementation and energetic chiropractic as needed to optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Call The Family Wellness Center today to schedule a stress coaching appointment, or book your visit online.

Stress Coaching Q&A

What is stress coaching?

Stress coaching focuses on your mental well-being. It uses a mix of energetic  therapies, life coaching, and nutritional supplements as needed to help you manage life’s stressors much more effectively.

Rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach, The Family Wellness Center team provides personalized care. After a comprehensive evaluation, they develop a stress coaching treatment plan that addresses your unique symptoms and concerns.

Who should consider stress coaching?

Consider stress coaching at The Family Wellness Center if you regularly experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling nervous, restless, or tense
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling lonely 
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Having an impending sense of doom

Stress might not seem like a big deal, but left untreated, it can affect your mood and outlook, relationships, your overall health, and quality of life. 

What can I expect at a stress coaching evaluation?

Before developing a personalized stress coaching treatment plan, your provider reviews your medical records and completes a physical exam. 

They also ask various questions about your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Answer these questions honestly. They won’t judge you and your answers play a vital role in developing a treatment plan.

After gathering a complete picture of your mental health and stress levels, the team makes treatment recommendations.

What does stress coaching involve?

Stress coaching at The Family Wellness Center involves any or all of the below as needed:

Energetic chiropractic

Energetic chiropractic involves your provider applying mild pressure to specific areas of your spine. This releases tension and teaches your nervous system how to cope with stressors that cause pain and physical and emotional adaptability problems.

Nutritional supplements

The Family Wellness Center team offers functional nutrition that completely cleanses and nourishes your entire body and helps to clear parasites, lose weight, and rebalance hormones. 

Life coaching

Stress is often the result of underlying emotions like shame, anger, and fear. Life coaching teaches you how to address these issues head-on. Specifically, it provides strategies for dealing with complex emotions and improving your outlook. It also teaches you healthy ways to relieve stress by learning how to shift your thoughts and perceptions. .

Call The Family Wellness Center today to schedule stress coaching or book your appointment online.