Michael Berlin, DC

Chiropractic located in Plainview, NY


Michael Berlin, DC, is a highly skilled and talented chiropractor at The Family Wellness Center in Plainview, New York. Known as a gentle, intuitive, and gifted healer, Dr. Berlin has over 30 years of experience in alternative health and mind-body healing.

Even from a young age, Dr. Berlin knew he wanted to help people. He earned a bachelor's degree in psychology before pursuing chiropractic. Dr. Berlin attended chiropractic school at Northeast College of Health Sciences and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. Berlin is a well-known wellness advocate, and sought after speaker. He has been a wellness and transformational life coach for thousands of people and is a fully trained group facilitator. He has studied with many teachers, and he has been on several mission trips to bring healing to those in need. He even helped first responders at ground zero stay healthy and able-bodied.

At The Family Wellness Center, Dr. Berlin offers network chiropractic — a highly advanced approach of neurological and energy work that clears stress and trauma patterns from the body. He enjoys network chiropractic because it delivers true wellness by helping people to heal more completely and permanently in their body and mind.