Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Plainview NY. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Plainview NY for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give The Family Wellness Center a call at (833)-335-0712 and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

What is the cost of Chiropractic Care?

We accept all insurances that cover Chiropractic, which we will verify with your insurance company. Without insurance, a typical visit costs between $50-$80, and we also offer discounts and family plans!

How long will it take me to feel better?

This depends on what is going on with you and your response to care. However, most people start feeling better within 6 visits! And 95% of our patients have their expectations met or exceeded within the first two months!

What happens on my first visit?

After filling out initial paperwork, you will sit with me for a consultation to thoroughly understand your history and condition. Next, I will perform a hands-only examination to find the exact cause of your condition(s). Then I’ll show you everything that I found and tell you how we need to start!

How does the light touch chiropractic work?

Stress and trauma accumulate in your spinal system. The light touches work reflexively to help your body recognize and resolve the accumulated spinal cord stress and trauma. Once these holding patterns are released, your spine and nervous system get free to begin realigning and healing themselves. According to research, your body starts healing about 200% better when the stress and trauma patterns are released!

How is your weight loss program different from everything else I’ve done?

Our weight loss program heals all of the root causes that created your weight problem in the first place! This includes: poor diet, stress, emotional eating, hormone problems, digestive problems, thyroid issues, food addictions, and more. Plus, we teach you how to shop, cook, and eat healthy for your entire family; complete with recipes and online cooking classes!

How much does your weight loss program cost?

Our weight loss programs typically cost much less than an average diet program because you have to keep paying for diet programs over and over and over. We heal the root causes of your weight issues, making it the last weight loss program you’ll ever do!

That said, once we do the initial assessment, you and I will design your program together to come up with a custom program that works and will fit your budget. Typically, programs run anywhere from $900 – $4000, and payment plans are available

How is your weight loss assessment different?

We use 2 unique assessment tools. First, is a computerized online assessment that takes your entire history and accurately calculates your probabilities for bodily dysfunction and conditions, including parasites. This is much more accurate than a blood test!

Next, we put you on a Tanita Body Analyzer that measures your body composition, both inside and outside your body. Then I sit down with you for nearly 2 hours and go over all the results! We find ALL the root causes of why your body is in a fat-storing condition. It’s very thorough and typically we find causes that no one else could find

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