Gentle Energetic Chiropractic in Plainview NY

Stress is the #1 problem in our country and our lives. It is the root of most physical and mental health problems, lowers our immune system, and can accumulate over our lifetime—primarily in the brain, spinal cord, and spine.

Because of the slow accumulation of stress over our lifetime, we often don’t notice it twisting up and weakening our spine and nerves. As a result:

1- Our spinal discs get compressed, bulged, herniated, and fragile

2- Our spinal joints begin to accumulate osteoarthritis, swelling, and spurs

3- Our spine begins to twist and form curvatures and gets prone to weakness and injury

4- Our spinal cord and nerves get irritated and interfered with. This results in weakness and malfunction in our vital organs, immune system, and our emotional health. It hampers our ability to cope and adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stresses and oBullet Listur ability to heal properly goes down tremendously.

Unique and Miraculous

We use a gentle, energetic form of chiropractic in Plainview NY known as Network Spinal Analysis™. This is an evidence-based approach to wellness and one of the more researched chiropractic techniques in the world. Network Spinal Analysis™ utilizes very gentle pressure points on spinal cord attachment spots to get your spine and central nervous system to begin letting go of your accumulated stress, tension, distortions, and traumas.

It simultaneously teaches your spine and nervous system how to clear the stresses on its own, and eventually how to adapt to stress so that you won’t accumulate physical, chemical, or emotional stress like you did before. In this way, not only does NSA Care help you get well fast, but it helps you stay well for a lifetime and advance your level of overall health, vitality, and life enjoyment! Now that’s true healthcare.

Through our gentle energetic chiropractic, our patients have experienced:

1- Relief from chronic stress—physically, mentally and/or emotionally

2- Greater self-awareness

3- Conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotion, and expression of the human spirit

4- Greater adaptability to life’s stresses

5- Generally much more complete and permanent results than traditional chiropractic

6- Lifetime strategies for healing and adaptability to life’s stresses

Who do we help??

While our care can benefit all individuals, there are certain types of people who notice tremendous results from our care:

1- Those who suffer from physical issues, such as:

  • Neck or back pain

  • Hip, Knee or Shoulder pain

  • Sciatica

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Headachese stuff

2- Those who suffer from mental-emotional issues, such as:

  • Persistent stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

3- People who are looking to de-stress their bodies and lives.

4- People with chronic conditions or ailments that no one else can help.

5- People who want to heal naturally.

6- People looking to maintain lifelong optimal wellness and superior emotional well-being

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