Holistic Weight Loss Treatment in Plainview NY

Not a fad, not a phase; it’s forever

For years, the weight loss industry has capitalized on selling individuals pills, powders, teas, meal plans, and fad diets to lose weight quickly. The problem with these diets is that while sometimes they lead to temporary weight loss, the weight quickly comes back and usually brings a few new pounds with it BECAUSE you didn’t reverse ALL the causes of your weight problem.

Finding the root cause of your weight issues is essential to losing weight AND keeping it off forever in Plainview NY! If done right, we will be the last weight loss program you’ll ever need!

Our Approach

Our programs are specifically designed to truly find all of the CAUSES of your weight gain and reverse them for life! We have amazing tools available to trigger FAT BURNING instead of fat storage. We can get to the root of your problems and determine what’s needed to help you finally lose weight and keep it off, heal conditions, revive energy, and look and feel great!

Our practice takes a holistic approach to weight loss. We will:

• ​Help you lose weight—and keep it off!

• ​Shrink & eliminate fat cells

• ​Eliminate food cravings and emotional eating

• ​Heal your digestive system

• ​Rebalance your hormones

• Improve sleep and eliminate sleep apnea

• Sharpen fuzzy thinking and eliminate headaches

• ​Detoxify & nourish your body

• ​Clear skin issues

​• Discover who you really are

Our programs are completely personalized to fit each individual’s needs and lifestyles to promote sustainable weight loss, mental clarity, improved energy levels, and disease reversal and prevention.

Short Term vs. Long Term Results

Real weight loss isn’t as simple as the calories that go in and the calories that go out! If you want to lose weight, it’s important that you first learn why you’ve been gaining it. I guarantee it is not just your diet! It is more about…What are your stress levels like? Are your hormones balanced? How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Etc. And your diet just aggravates those things!

In your initial evaluation with Dr. Berlin, we will do unique, non-invasive, specific testing to find the root causes of weight gain so we can address and heal the actual issue(s).

Customized Weight Loss Programs in PLAINVIEW NY

The issue with traditional weight loss programs is that they usually don’t address the source of the weight problem.

Our weight loss programs are customized to address your goals and any underlying health issues—whether that be candida, hormone imbalance, diabetes, fibromyalgia or something else.

Our doctor and our protocols help us determine the best possible path to sustainable, forever weight loss so you can stop not liking how you look, stop counting calories, and start enjoying your life!

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offers a low-impact way to detoxify, increase strength, flexibility, and rejuvenate your body – in addition to increasing metabolism. 10 minutes on this burns the same calories as an hour on the treadmill! Benefits of WBV include:

• Accelerated weight loss

• Cellulite reduction

• Varicose vein reduction

• Increased Energy

• Improved muscle strength

• Improved bone strength

• Improved circulation

• Improved relaxation

Self-Mastery Technology

More and more, researchers are discovering the power that the mind has over the body—and the impact it can have on your physical well-being.

Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) is a new technology based on the research of the world’s leading universities. SMT uses light and sound to deeply relax you while promoting optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus, and memory.

While the lights and tones soothe you, SMT audio sessions help focus your mind so you can finally release unwanted habits (stress, food cravings and emotional eating) and get more of what you want out of life. It changes the conversation in your head WITHOUT hypnosis or subliminal messages. These sessions are cumulative, so there’s virtually no limit to how good you can feel or what you can achieve.

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