Our Commitment

The Best Place To Be During Virus Season

Keeping You Safe

To keep everyone healthy and safe, here are all the precautions we are taking at our office regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At the The Family Wellness Center we are continiously dedicated to supporting you in staying healthy, becoming healthier, and sharing that awareness with everyone you know. We are therefore making sure that our office constantly remains the best place for you to be in this virus season.

To this end, we want to share with you some of the protocols we are putting in place during this time.

We place high importance on cleanliness and sanitation. We are constantly using high-quality cleaning products to sanitize our entire office.

Our office also has a stern attendance policy regarding sickness. That is, if any person on our team is not feeling well, they are NOT to come to work. Additionally, our staff is constantly practicing self-hygiene by washing our hands often, keeping sanitizing wipes at every workstations clean.

Finally and most importantly, since viruses and bacteria prey on the sick and vulnerable and are ever present (including COVID-19), our team members are actively engaged in strengthening ourselves and keeping our immunity strong. We are also teaching these protocols to our patients.