From Dr. Berlin

Hello! My name is Dr. Michael Berlin. Thank you so much for visiting us online. It is our pleasure to educate and inspire all people to live better lives by connecting with nature and the Miracle of life in achieving health and happiness.

You see, all my life I innately knew that life was a Miracle. Yes, I was one of those children flying from tree to tree with Grace and confidence. I was known for hugging strangers, and I was always helping others to feel better emotionally, and physically. As a young child I never liked to take medicine (I always thought that my body could heal itself), and I even used to heal myself of all kinds of ailments like headaches and stomach aches with a sort of meditation that I made up. I was a wise and loving little boy who simply knew in my core that all was well (no matter what was going on), and supported people to try to know the same.

As I grew I knew that I wanted to help people. I mostly wanted to help them realize the Miracle that they are; and that all life is Miraculous! So after receiving my bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors and volunteering at hospitals, I decided to try Chiropractic because it seemed to have the same natural philosophy that I did. Once in Chiropractic school, I fell in Love with Chiropractic (even to the point of tears at one point) because I realized that everything that I wanted to be, do, and have I could within my profession! It was wonderful.

In my career I’ve held many offices in the profession, received many awards, done volunteer work, attended and taught at various lectures and seminars, and have gone on a Chiropractic mission to help thousands of underprivileged people in Panama.

I found Network Chiropractic/Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) early in my career and I use it because it delivers the promise of what true Chiropractic could do in its fullest extent; helping people to heal more completely and permanently in their body, mind, and Spirit.

There is so much more that I can tell you, but I think you get the idea. Please explore our website and you’ll learn all about us.

I thank you, and wish you all the Miracles of living!

With Love,
Dr. Berlin